Pizza at il Molino

For our pizza we use only high-quality Italian flour. Only at il Molino you can find the special flour for pizza baking, shipped from Italy. Manufacturer - Molino di Pordenone - is one of most respective ones in Italy. Their flour Sole di Napoli Rosso created specifically for a dough with a long-term growth and the minimum addition of a yeast. This is what provides the Neapolitan pizza with a lush crispy crust, and all her fans - with lightness after each piece.


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Many pizza recipes extend back over a few hundred years. They have worked their way up from the gourmet and sybarite Lucullus to the invention of the classic "Margarita". At il Molino pizzerias we bake traditional Italian pizza.

True pizzaiolos don’t roll dough out with a rolling pin, but knead it with hands, and then spin it on one finger, just like a plate.

Pizzaiolos at il Molino bake more than 25 kinds of real Italian pizza – from classic Margherita to super popular Mascherare.

Dough that we use for making the genuine pizza has its own secret of preparation. Thanks to it, you will remember the taste of pizza for a long time.