The il Molino Pizzeria Family – Benvenuti!

The word il Molino means "water mill" in Italian. And the family of pizzerias is named that way. The first pizza in Italy appeared a few centuries before the electricity and modern restaurants  were invented. It was baked solely in the oven built of stones. And the flour, they used, was from wheat ground in a water mill.

The history of water mills in Italy numbers hundreds of years. Their initial specimens were found during the excavations of Pompeii. The great Leonardo Da Vinci created the diagrams of watermills. The best flour for real Italian pizza has been produced at such mills since the XVII century in the province of Naples. And nowadays, watermills fit perfectly into the landscape of Italian countryside.

First pizzeria of il Molino family was opened in December 2010 in the center of Pechersk - on Moskovskaya Street. Another one appeared in June 2011 on Saksaganskogo. In 2012 the family was expanded by pizzerias on Dniprovska naberezhna, prospect Peremohy and prospect Holosiyvsky. In early 2013 two more restaurants started their work on the Volodymyrska street and in Dream Town shopping mall, and began to work il Molino delivery service. In 2014 started their work restaurant on Vyshhorodska street,  in October of the same year opened a restaurant in "Prospekt" shopping mall on Chervonogvardiyskiy street. A new restaurant opened in September 2015 in «Ocean Plaza» the shopping center on the Antonovycha street.

Unified quality standards are maintained at all il Molino restaurants. Our pizza is baked in wood ovens from Stefano Ferrara Allestimenti, according to traditional Italian recipes. Ingredients are of high-quality only. Most of them, such as flour, cheese and seafood are shipped directly from Italy.

il Molino is a family of Italian restaurants with Neapolitan wood ovens, where pizzaiolos make more than  20 kinds of real Italian pizza,  from classic Margarita to super popular Maskerare. Moreover, in our restaurants you can try homemade pasta, ravioli, fresh salads, meat and fish dishes, Italian desserts.