Italian cuisine is one of the most popular European cuisines. If you want to surprise your soulmate with a romantic dinner, treat your friends or celebrate a holiday with colleagues - Italian cuisine will be a great choice.

Features of Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine differs from others in the use of a large number of vegetables and spices, such as oregano, basil, pepper, tarragon, thyme, rosemary and various types of Parmesan cheese. Olive oil, tomatoes, onions and garlic, as well as olives and olives are often used in Italian dishes. But, despite this, Italian cuisine is very diverse. In the north they eat rice and polenta, in the south – a variety of spaghetti and cheeses. Each of the 20 regions of Italy has its own culinary features. Emilia Romagna is home to stuffed ravioli, Sicily and Siena are famous for their desserts, the Aosta Valley – fondue, in Florence they like steak, and in Naples – pizza.

The Italians are very attached to their culinary traditions and we, in the il Molino restaurant, honor these traditions and offer you the delivery of main dishes prepared according to classic recipes.

Popular Italian dishes

Traditional Italian food is divided into:

  • antipasto (snack);
  • primo piatto (usually pasta or another flour dish, soup);
  • secondo piatto: main course – fish, meat or poultry with salad;
  • dessert – panna cotta or tiramisu.

Each type of food has its own favorites, which are popular not only in Italy, but throughout the world.


Golden brown aranchini balls are breaded rice mixed with stew, tomato sauce, mozzarella and peas. Like Italian pasta and pizza dishes, there are many regional variations of arancini. They are prepared with different fillings and forms, depending on the traditions of a particular region.


Lasagna is mentioned in culinary books dating from the 13th century, and it is believed that it was invented in the city of Naples, from where it spread throughout Italy. This classic Italian dish is made from hard dough with cheese, minced meat, vegetables and various sauces such as bechamel or tomato. This dish is not to be missed if you want to try authentic Italian cuisine.


Risotto is the most popular Italian dish with rice. Depending on the type of rice, it is poured with broth or wine and can add meat, beans, porcini mushrooms, peas, shrimp, oysters or other seafood. As with most Italian dishes, risotto has many regional variations. For example, in Piedmont, risotto al Barolo is prepared on red wine with meat and beans, and in Milan, the risotto is seasoned with saffron.


Ravioli are small dumplings stuffed with ricotta cheese, meat or vegetables. They are usually square and served in broth or with sauce. The first mention of ravioli dates back to the 14th century, where two types were mentioned – ravioli senza sfoli (without dough) and ravioli with sfoli. Ravioli, unlike, for example, tortellini, which is a type of pasta, can be served without dough in the form of meat or vegetable balls.


Pasta is nothing but pasta, which is usually served as a first course. Italian pasta is uniquely associated with spaghetti, although this is just one of several dozen popular types of pasta. Pasta can be divided into long (for example, spaghetti), short (gnocchi, penne) and mini (sorry, stellin). There are hundreds of pasta dishes with different sauces and toppings: from vegetables to beef, ending with seafood.

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