The Italians know a thing or two about making real pizza, and they bake it in authentic wood-fired stoves. At il Molino, we follow traditional recipes of Italian pizzerias thoroughly. Inside, this kind of stove is “alive with flames”, with the temperature reaching 400 degrees Celsius – which ensures even baking. Therefore, a properly baked, ‘’real’ Italian pizza is inevitably going to be slightly burned, resulting in charred end crust or baked “bubbles”. In the photo you can see these tiny charred bubbles and edges of a properly baked pizza – the features not uncommon in authentic Italian pizzas, which are in keeping with the standards of traditional baking. That’s how a pizza gets its golden color and “smoky” smell. This is the kind of pizza famous Italian pizzaiolos treat their customers to.


You are welcome to taste our delicious “kissed-by-fire” pizza at il Molino restaurants.