We strive to give our best to customers

We believe that taking care of our visitors is no different or less important than cooking delicious meals. Using only fresh ingredients, we put love into everything we cook. Expect to be treated to hearty and exquisite meals that will both satisfy and boost your energy.


We encourage each other’s growth and success

Just like any other living organism, our team is constantly growing and evolving. The environment we create is conducive to success of each and every employee. We’re inspired to challenge and reinvent ourselves in order to serve our customers more and more efficiently with each passing day.


We support family values

Being part of il Molino team is like belonging to one large and loving family. We take immense care of one another, treating everyone with respect and generosity. To us, trust and honesty are not just empty words. We love being optimistic and greet each new day with anticipation and joy.


We try to achieve more with less

Never to believe the sky’s the limit, we always look for unconventional solutions to everyday challenges. We continually improve and optimize every little detail to ensure that all our processes conform to the high standards of services visitors can expect from us. No matter their position, all our employees strive to be most effective and professional in dealings with customers making them both happy and content.


We treat each visitor like a close friend

Cherishing customers is our topmost priority. At our pizzerias, you can always expect a warm welcome, great service, freshly prepared dishes and highly enjoyable dining experience. No matter how old you are, we will always try to adjust to your individual preferences and go extra mile to make your stay memorable and hopefully one of very many.