Pizza (it. – pizza) – National Italian dish in the form of round open pie, covered with tomato and melt cheese (often Mozzarella). Depending on recipe and taste different stuffing (meat, ham, salami, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms etc.) can be added.

240 m – the world's longest pizza which was baked in Pezaro, Italy. It was performed in the form of wide ribbon.

In 2004 the genuine recipe of Neapolitan pizza was published in the official paper of Italian Government – Gazzetta Ufficiale.

5 081 345 web-sites is given by Google on "pizza" search request.

118 BC – Lucullus birthyear. He is accredited to the first invention of pizza. 11 June 1889 – Birthday of classic Margarita Pizza.

25 October – Pizzaiola's official holiday.

More than 40 000 pizzerias are functioning in Italy by now.