il Molino is a chain of Italian family restaurants. They have long been prized by local food-lovers for their cozy atmosphere and authentic Italian pizza, made according to age old traditions. It seems that pizzaiolos from il Molino really know how to make the tastiest pizza in town. And one of the reasons why il Molino’s pizzas taste so delicious is due to a special type of pizza flour, which only contributes to their exceptional flavor and nutritional value.

Pizza makers at il Molino use Italian flour of finest quality – Sole di Napoli Rosso, manufactured by Molino di Pordenone. Dough, made from this kind of flour, contains little yeast, and provides Neapolitan pizzas with a sumptuous crust. Moreover, you won’t feel heavy after eating them. Why? – you might ask. The answer is quite simple: those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle will be stunned to know that according to latest research people gain weight from eating breads or pastas made from fast rising dough, which doesn’t undergo a natural fermentation. Such dough retains large quantities of yeast and is usually left for little time to rest and rise. The healthiest pizza, on the other hand, is made from wholemeal, low-yeast dough. This pizza dough, before going into the oven, is left for a longer period of time to rest and rise. Now, thanks to this special pizza recipe, you can drop the fear of gaining weight from eating your favorite pizzas. Isn’t it great to know?!

Why is it so important to leave dough to rest and rise properly before baking? Because this way the dough turns out soft and elastic, resulting in a perfect pizza base. Also, it’s highly essential to leave the dough to rest for the right amount of time otherwise the dough may not rise properly, which will make baking a pizza quite a daunting task. Pizza makers at il Molino strictly follow these time-honored guidelines: every ball of dough, used for making a pizza base, is left for twenty-four hours to rest and rise at a set temperature. il Molino’s pizzaiolos make sure the dough is not subjected to temperature or pressure fluctuations, the effects of draughts and vibrations. After twenty-four hours, the dough goes into an authentic Neapolitan oven. As a result, you get crispy bases with charred end crust, leaving you with an authentic Italian pizza – just the way you love it. That’s exactly how Italian pizzaiolos have been making pizzas for centuries, passing down their knowledge and traditions from generation to generation.

So, if you want to enjoy authentic Italian pizza, you should be heading straight for il Molino restaurants. They surely know a thing or two about la dolce vita!