Only wood-fired ovens made of stone are still used for baking this Italian dish. The fact is that in the traditional stone-lined oven the heat spreads evenly. The light smoke, which comes from burning logs, is equally important. It gives pizza a delicate smoked aroma.

The oven, where a genuine pizza is cooked, must be fired with firewood and have the temperature not lower than 400 degrees. In Italy, there is a special sign at the entrance to pizzerias which have such oven – it says “forno a legna”. That means their oven is fired with firewood. In the il Molino pizzeria family we have this kind of ovens installed.

Pizzaiolo, segnor Franco Pisciottano, believes that only by using a wood-fired oven it is possible to get the taste that distinguishes a genuine Italian pizza. "The same oven is set at Trattoria la Terrazza, in Castellabate" – he adds.

Every il Molino pizzeria is equipped with wood-fired oven from the Italian manufacturer – Stefano Ferrara Allestimenti. It is built of stones from the slopes of Mount Vesuvius according to the ancient Neapolitan tradition. Its size is 160x160 cm, height – 137 cm, internal diameter – 120 cm, and the weight is 2.5 tons. Up to 8 pizzas can be baked in such oven at the same time.

Stefano Ferrara Allestimenti manufactures ovens exclusively for baking pizza. Clients of the company are the world's best pizzerias, certified by D.O.C. – Association of pizza makers, Naples, Italy.

At the end of 1999 a wave of panic arose first and then followed the protests of local residents throughout the whole Italy. What could cause such an unusual reaction?

It turned out that the Brussels administrative apparatus of the United Europe had prepared a new law concerning the whole European Union. It was reported that pizza should be cooked using only electric ovens with the temperature not higher than 250 degrees. This decision was made due to the fact that wood-fired ovens were not sufficiently hygienic. Brussels, however, had missed the fact that since the first pizza has been baked, the whole Italy used firewood ovens and that the heat, produced by firewood, sterilizes the product. To the joy of all Italians, this misunderstanding soon had come to naught, and so everyone’s favorite dish is still baked according to ancient traditions.