ONECARD Gift Certificates at Il Molino

Please note: the information below is for those who have ordered a ONECARD gift certificate for a meal at the chain of il Molino restaurants.

How to redeem a ONECARD gift certificate at il Molino restaurants

  • Inform the restaurant’s staff that you have a ONECARD gift certificate;
  • Make sure you hold a valid ONECARD gift certificate that has not expired;
  • Hand your gift certificate to the staff once a restaurant bill has been paid.

Please note that according to the program’s terms:

  • ONECARD gift certificates can be redeemed only at il Molino restaurants; you cannot use ONECARD gift certificates on orders for delivery;
  • The amount listed on a ONECARD gift certificate can not be split;
  • More than one ONECARD gift certificate can be used when paying a single restaurant bill;
  • If a bill exceeds the amount listed on the certificate, its Holder is responsible for paying the difference.
  • No change will be given if the amount of the certificate is greater than the price of the meal. Any unused balance of a redeemed gift certificate will be lost.
  • A single ONECARD gift certificate cannot be used more than once; once redeemed, a ONECARD gift certificate is collected by the restaurant’s staff;
  • Prior to redeeming a ONECARD gift certificate, it must be activated.


Each gift certificate is activated by ONECARD. To activate a gift certificate, its Holder must contact the hot line or go to

To ascertain the status of a gift certificate (active/inactive), please call at 0 800 33 02 01.