It’s Winter Time

So here is our new seasonal menu you have all been waiting for; unconventional and delicious, it will evoke the aural feeling of winter, just like you like!


For a starter, you can request bruschettas with coppa and pine cones; a soft chicken liver pâté with cranberry jelly, an authentic Niçoise salad, or Minestrone – one of the finest vegetable soups there is. Pasta lovers will be able to fully appreciate the taste of ravioli with mince and pickled honey mushrooms, as well as tagliatelle with curry spices.


And if you are into pizza, you will certainly enjoy Fiorenza – a wholemeal pizza topped with mozzarella, smoked chicken breast, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, cream and pesto; and Catania – a wholemeal pizza topped with coppa, extra-soft mozzarella and mixed salad leaves. Both pizzas are among our newest offerings.


And if you are really hungry, do opt for a roasted duck leg with cherry sauce. This dish is served with quinoa, fennel, Romanesco broccoli, bell pepper, oyster mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and sesame oil.


And of course, no meal is complete without a dessert; so how about a pair of homemade wafer cakes and a tangerine panna cotta?


Once you’re done, be sure to wash it all down with a chocolate or an almond latte, one of the many fruit teas on the menu or a luscious non-alcoholic toddy – choose whichever you like, they will all keep you cozy and warm on cold winter days.


So come to il Molino for the most delicious food experiences and anticipate the Christmas season with us!