Hot Summer Offer

We at il Molino really miss the summer carelessness: the bright sun, the gentle salty sea breeze ruffling the palm tree leaves… And, certainly, so do you – it’s simply impossible not to relish the sights and smells of summer.

 And while holidaying in the tropics may still be off-limits, enjoying a glass of piña colada is a great option available to all holidaymakers: it’s easy, and it’s sort of like discovering the tropical paradise.

 The exotic piña colada, offered at il Molino this August, comes in three different flavors:

- Classic at ₴79;

- Raspberry Piña Colada at ₴89;

- Blue Piña Colada Butterfly at ₴99.

 Maybe, the tropical paradise is closer than you think.

 The offer runs through August 31st inclusive.

 Can’t wait to see you all at il Molino.