Light spring with Il Molino

The Il Molino team was waiting for spring like nobody else. Because it was so difficult to resist and not to talk about our new spring menu.


Let's start with the new pizzas. Everything is as always: healthy whole grain dough and special filling. For vegetarians we have pizza Ortolana with green pea hummus, spinach, zucchini, broccoli and radish microgreens. For those on a diet the savory Takino Barbecue with mozzarella, turkey, capi peppers and basil. And for fish lovers delicate Montemare with salmon, cream cheese, fennel and arugula.


We paid special attention to the light vegetarian lean menu, so be sure to try a celery cream soup, tofu and spinach ravioli or risotto with porcini mushrooms. We are ready to sing the praises to caponata with green pea hummus. This is a traditional Sicilian dish, a type of vegetable stew made with eggplants, mushrooms, capers and other vegetables. It is so tasty and healthy that you can accidentally become a vegetarian ;)


Our menu also includes a delicate rabbit in a creamy sauce with spinach and parmesan and a nutritious salad with baked salmon, avocado and mozzarella.


In no case will we leave you without dessert! Choose your favorite: cheesecake with pear jam and shortcake or chocolate lean fondant with raspberry cules and sorbet?


For sweets, we will offer an updated list of alcoholic cocktails, including chamomile grog and apple pear sbiten. As well as lemonades, coffee and natural teas.



We are waiting for your visit!