New spring menu 2017 at il Molino!

Finally, the spring has arrived! The renewal time, the time when we want ease and freshness. Full of strength and energy we are flying in the rays of spring sun! And sometimes we just run to get something light, green and refreshing. And where? Of course at il Molino to enjoy the dishes from new spring menu!

What are we gonna choose today? Potato soup with truffle oil, tender homemade ravioli with a creamy sauce or just a light salad with avocado or salad with chicken liver with spinach and marinated chanterelles? And vegetable tartar with salmon and arugula….. We want to try everything! And definitely, we can’t skip pizza - Integrale with homemade bresaola and cream, new vision of classic Quattro Formaggi with ground tomatoes, or vegetarian one with spinach and oyster mushrooms. And as a sweet - crispy dessert with nuts and dried fruits or chocolate panforte with candied fruits.

Spring has never been so temptingly delicious yet! We welcome you to the family of Italian pizzerias il Molino. Buon Appetito!

27.02.17 – 25.05.17