New kid’s menu

Children come first

Children come first – this is the philosophy that we, at il Molino, share. Our new menu for kids is the best proof of that. We offer our youngest visitors a rich assortment of tasty meals, made of very fresh and healthy products. A light soup with meatballs served as the first course, delicious turkey sausage served as the second course, or crusty chicken nuggets and bear shaped pasta, served in a cream sauce and seasoned with Parmesan cheese. And, of course, kids will adore the delicious Caesar salad, designed especially for them, and will most certainly enjoy il Molino’s special offer – the “Food Face” – a variety of ingredients (served on separate platters) which they can use to design and create their own food face and exercise their imagination. And for dessert we offer our young gourmets the incredibly delicious gnocchi made of cottage cheese.

We are delighted to welcome you and your kids to our il Molino restaurants. And you can be assured that our cooks will treat you to tasty and healthy food.