il Molino’s summer menu gets a tasty upgrade

As Delicious Summer comes to il Molino, we’re happy to announce a big event: our summer menu is getting a revamp.

We truly want summer to be sunny, full of laughter and vibrant colours, carefree, and rich on fragrant, exquisite and delicious Italian meals. And the meals we can provide! ☺ So, check out our new summer menu.

Why not try crusty bruschetta with salmon, served with avocado purée? Or mixed salad leaves, served on wholemeal bread?

Summer is also an ideal season for eating light and exquisite salads, and there are two salads on our summer menu for you to choose from: a shrimp salad and a Parma ham & pear salad. Besides that, we recommend you try Gazpacho. This savoury tomato soup, served cold, is probably the best meal to satisfy your hunger on a hot summer day.  And if you want a more substantial meal, then we could offer you pasta served with Pesto sauce, or mackerel with vegetables. Also, don’t forget about good old pizza. Vegana with artichokes, spinach, and garlic butter is a great choice, as is Divino di Salmone with salmon, or a more classic Pizza di Tacchino, topped with turkey sausages and bacon. For dessert you could have a mix of seasonal berries and a homemade spongy soufflé, or a unique assortment of sorbets.


il Molino will make your summer unforgettable! Come and try our new delicious menu! Bring your whole family! We can’t wait to see you and your loved ones at out pizzerias!