New menu springs into action

What better way to welcome spring – this long-awaited time of the year, so full of sunshine, freshness, color and birds’ twitter, than with a new season menu?! And we, at il Molino, know like no one else how important it is to lift all wintery burdens off your shoulders and marvel at the nature revival while getting new impressions, and, more importantly, exploring new tastes and ingredient combinations. The latter we’ll gladly provide.

Tuna served on crusty ciabatta bread; a warm tofu salad; a hearty salad with avocado, chicken liver and a poach egg, and a delicious broccoli cream soup are all part of our revamped spring menu and come highly recommended by the chef. Connoisseurs of Italian cuisine will be treated to refined homemade pasta with beef and spinach; a mushroom risotto served with creamy chili sauce, and stir-fried sea bass with vegetables. And if you fancy an aromatic pizza, then go for one of Carbonara varieties – topped with mozzarella, pancetta and chicken egg – or a unique new version of Ortaggio topped with spinach, hazelnuts and red onion, and dressed with coconut cream. For dessert, you can have a delicate coconut tart or panforte – a dried fruit and nut pastry. Both will certainly leave you wanting a second bite.

So, come and visit us to celebrate spring arrival and explore the world of new tastes.