BBQ service for those who live out of the city

For all those who appreciate the quality of real meat and BBQ products, our friends Sam's Steak House have prepared a wonderful summer offer - Sam's BBQ SERVICE.

You can order your favorite steaks and BBQ products at a nice price and cook them yourself, because Sam's tells you in detail how to prepare and organize a modern picnic in the country.

 Here you can order:

- steaks  natural wet-aged & dry-aged  beef (new York wet-aged steak 250 g 175 UAH; Rib-eye steak on the bone 85 UAH for 100 g);
- American beef steaks at a special reduced price (Prime USA BEEF Rib-eye steak 350 g 655 UAH);
- BBQ ribs with BBQ sauce (400 g 195 UAH);
- poultry meat for grilling in marinade (Turkey steak for BBQ 250 g 145 UAH, chicken fillet BBQ 300 g 75 UAH);
- grilled fish in marinade (sea bass BBQ in marinade 300-350 g 150 UAH, mackerel BBQ in marinade 300 g 95 UAH);
- Burger sets (300 g 145 UAH) and Burger patties Beef classic (250 g 105 UAH);
- new BBQ menu-children's Burger sets KIDS BURGER ( 250 g 105 UAH) and children's Burger Patty Beef (150 g 65 UAH);
- the best summer drink-cocktail "Lynchburg lemonade" (set for 10 people 2l 650 UAH).

Each steak has a gift - BBQ sauce or "pepper" to choose from.

In addition, for your convenience, in Sam's Steak House you will find all the necessary picnic accessories, such as grilles, grill aprons, meat gloves, FUN GRILL charcoal sets and many more useful for organizing and conducting a modern picnic in the country.
Sam's own delivery service will deliver your orders in Kiev and out of the city. Place an order and get it the next day. Also, you can always use the pick-up service from Zhilyanskaya 37 on the day of the order.

The BBQ SERVICE MENU can be found here -

ALL ORDERS BY PHONE 067 501 13 95