Come with all the family for Halloween 2016 party on October 30


Never before at il Molino was so horribly… horribly interesting! Come with all the family 30th October for Halloween celebration. Entertainment for children from dreadfully funny costumed animators, joyful and terribly beautiful face art, and the highlight of the programme - monstrously exciting scientific show!
Don’t skip, 30th October, at 13:00 the most exciting Halloween at restaurants of il Molino Family! And pleasant surprises are waiting for costumed little guests :)
The Halloween party will take place at:
1 Arkhitektora Verbits'kogo Str, TRC "New Way"phone:(044)3648494
1V Gnat Khotkevych Str. in "Prospekt", phone:(044)3717655
45 Vyshhorodska Str. in "Parkove Misto", phone:(044)3641211
19 Dnerpivska naberejna Str., phone:(044)3317744
120 Saksaganskogo Str., phone:(044)3511177
17 Moskovskaya Str., phone:(044)2807722