Cozy autumn at il Molino

Sweet autumn melancholy has already enveloped Kyiv in a gentle mist. We especially want to dream, feel the warmth and support of people we love, remember the best moments of this year and watch the frowning passers-by outside the window.


Why are they in a hurry? Why do they look so worried? Perhaps they should stop for a cup of hot buttered rum, mulled wine or spiced tea at il Molino to just exhale in the endless running around?


Sometimes all you need to do is treat yourself to something unusual like crispy crust seafood spaghetti or baked peppers with soft Italian ricotta cheese. And your head will immediately become clearer, we promise.


It is said well-fed means happy and we will not argue with that! We can only tell you more about the new menu at il Molino and then you know what to do.


After a walk along the Kyiv streets creamy chickpea soup will help warm you up. For lunch with colleagues it is better to try turkey and grilled vegetable salad. And after a long day at work you will feel real Italian pleasure in ravioli with three types of legumes and porcini mushrooms. In addition, we assure you that tender veal medallions fried with pancetta will not leave your heart and stomach indifferent and you will also invite your friends to enjoy them.


By the way about Friends. If you are like Joey Tribbiani who can't live without pizza then the new wholemeal ones will be your favorite! Delichetto with three types of mushrooms and exquisite truffle oil and Bologna with mortadella, stracciatella and pistachios.


In the fall you especially want something sweet, right? So we took care of your taste buds here too. Try the almond tart with persimmon and the chocolate nut fondant with orange-grapefruit jam. Then tell us about your favorite, because we could not choose the best unfortunately. They are too tasty.


Well, our job is to tell you, yours is to choose the nearest date to enjoy the special seasonal menu at il Molino!


See you soon!