Delivery in Goloseevskiy district

The most delicious Italian food at il Molino! And if you decide to order a pizza, our delivery service will gladly share a culinary delight with you. Brought to every corner of the capital, including the Goloseevskiy district. Crispy pizza, soft pasta or light salad - our delivery is an expert in gastronomic pleasures! And if you want to enjoy a hearty lunch or an elegant dinner - il Molino delivery will be happy to help you bringing the order anywhere, even in the Goloseevskiy district. Best pizza in the capital? It is ours, at il Molino! And nothing stops you from making an order right now by using the delivery. And the alternative to our famous pizza would be other Italian dishes: for example, spaghetti carbonara, salmon carpaccio or gazpacho with shrimps. And it is not a problem to bring delicious dishes in Goloseevskiy district. Our delivery can easily cope with it! All you need just call us and order your favorite pizza or other dishes - anywhere in Kiev, for example in Goloseevskiy district. Pizza delivery - what could be easier? The main thing is to order: home or office, for yourself or the cheerful company. And how to do without delivery? At il Molino we know: delicious pizza is a pledge of a good mood for the whole day, and our delivery will easily bring your favorite pizza. We are always on a wave of the culinary feast with you!