New seasonal menu

To “warm up” we will offer a warm chicken liver salad with poached egg and caramelized pear and to get warm carrot soup with ginger and turmeric. This is the most winter soup ever. For those who are hungry, we recommend an unusual black pasta with squid, and if you do not eat meat   vegan ravioli with vegetable meat. Do you like fish? Order seabass with green pea hummus. Real jam! For pizza lovers we will offer a choice: Laurelia pizza with vegetable meat and eggplant or Altamare pizza with seafood and kalamata olives.

What do we recommend for dessert? Delicate passionfruit cheesecake and flavored apple tart with cinnamon. Kids will love to try banana cocoa, while their parents will enjoy mulled wine and cranberry or grapefruit cider.

Well, have you convinced that winter is the most delicious time of the year?

See you at il Molino!