Order home delivery in Kiev

When the pizza is selected you want to get your order home as soon as possible!

Just imagine, mouth-watering pictures on the website can quickly turn into real culinary delights – pizza, pasta, salad or dessert, you just have to order home delivery in Kiev!

How fast will we bring it? Within 60 minutes!

Just turn on your favorite music, call friends and gather the company at home for pizza, and voila! Your main dish is here: warm, fragrant and stunningly delicious.

We are really proud of our delivery in Kiev because the speed of receiving the order is truly reactive!

How much does it cost delivery at il Molino?

In Kiev, it’s absolutely for free! As long as your order is over 150 UAH.

Delivery is carried out:

from 11 until 22:00 Monday to Thursday and Sunday.

from 11 until 23:00 on Friday and Saturday.

There are different ways to order delivery in Kiev.

You can order on the website or use the operator's phone number:

044 222 44 44

067 225 44 44

050 422 44 14