Our season menu gets a revamp

And winter’s come! Hurray! Trees, covered in snow; frost on the windows; floating snowflakes driven by a chilly wind… Why not enjoy a fun time with your friends at il Molino? Dress up in something warm (a knit sweater perhaps?) and head to our pizzerias to try our new winter menu. How about crusty bruschetta with tuna and tomatoes, a light Quinoa salad with air-dried cranberries and, as a pleasant bonus, a tomato soup with mozzarella and cream to keep you warm on a cold winter day? We’ll also treat you to a real Italian delight – pasta with chicken and canned eggplants, as well as homemade ravioli filled with Black Sea gobies. And if you prefer pizza, why not try Verdure Con Gorgonzola topped with eggplants and Italian blue cheese? Or Tonno Cipolla topped with tuna and Kalamata olives? Or your favorite Pizza Cotto Bene topped with prosciutto cotto, basil and almond flakes? And don’t forget about a home cooked cherry pie, made with a sweet pastry base, and a silky cheesecake for dessert! They are something you’ll really like!

It’s time to enjoy this winter season and indulge in our new gastronomical delights! ☺