Our Seasonal Menu Gets a Boost...

...from a number of hot new dishes and snacks, tasting as bright as summer itself.

To kick things off, we’ll offer you caponata with hummus – a perfect snack on a hot summer day – served with homemade crispy ciabatta and making for an ideal snacking experience.

Seafood lovers will enjoy mussels in a cream and soy sauce – this dish is a true amalgam of flavors that remind us of the summer, the sea and a soft, salty breeze. As for salads, you can choose from a classic Caprese and a savory salad made from baked turkey and...strawberry. Yes, you heard it right, and we are certain this tasty mix will make a great starter for a summer meal.

On hotter days, it makes sense to order a chilled tomato soup – both nourishing and refreshing. For more substantial dining, there is a soft tagliatelle with rabbit meat, or veal ravioli.

And how about pizza? Well, you can’t miss it; this time, we’ll surprise you with Calzone al Forno topped with savory salami, and Formaggi Grande with mozzarella, Parmesan, Emmental, truffle and goat cheeses. Trust us, both pizzas are to die for!

And, of course, no meal will be complete without some dessert. And you’ll only get the best desserts from il Molino: a berry gelato and seasonal berries with a mint sauce, served in a wafer cone; a medley of gelatos; and a pistachio tiramisu, the latter being a specialty of the house (made according to the chef’s secret recipe).

So, come to il Molino to make this summer a memorable one.