Special offer

Sometimes, especially sitting at home in the evening we want to order something tasty but don’t know exactly what. We search through the dishes on the website, selecting successful combinations from one to another.

After all, for the modern human, food delivery it is always a pleasant wait of the future feast.

For example, how exciting might look a pizza with a glass of fresh homemade lemonade or heady mojito. Or pair pizza with seafood and... pizza with four kinds of cheese!)

Sometimes, we know that a certain pizza goes well with such a sauce or dessert, but since we don’t want to go beyond our standard budget we are afraid to order a delicious and proved duo.

At il Molino we know for sure - it is not necessary to be afraid of!

Delivery should be fun!

And this motivates us to come up with new and new deals which will delight you with a great variety of selected dishes.

After all, we study carefully the special tastes of our customers (especially if we speak about pizza) to make each our special offer the most pleasant and useful for you.

The special offer is not just a temporary proposal, it is our care for you, our guests. So every time you open the section "Special offers" to order food delivery on our website, you would be happy with new interesting deals.

We carefully calculate how valuable for you will be this or that offer, so you could get the most out of the least money spent.

Therefore, when you need a pizza delivery it always makes sense to check our special offers - suddenly there is offered a great price for a dish you like and enjoy?

Also, our offers are relevant for those who are interested in food delivery for a large company. The bigger order - the greater the benefits of promotional delivery!

Watch out for promotional offers from the family of pizzerias il Molino - we try to make your life easier and tastier!

Our delivery not just allows you to eat deliciously, but also gives an opportunity to spend money reasonably.