Start the Spring Season Afresh with a Surprise Drink

While the winter is still raging, we at il Molino thought up a trick to keep you warm and happy. And that’s...Jameson Whiskey, highly regarded as one of the most classic and quintessential Irish spirits.

Wow! What a marvelous way to greet spring, isn’t it? And all thanks to il Molino’s bartenders who are no stranger when it comes to tasty experiments and fancy treats.

So, come on and grab a shot of Jameson Whiskey for just 69 UAH, or enjoy its exquisitely delicious counterpart, Good Ol’ Whiskey Ginger Cocktail served with a lime wedge, for just 79 UAH. Surely, that’s something you can’t miss.

The offer is valid from March 1st to March 31st no matter what other surprises the weather is going to bring us during the first month of long-awaited spring.


Can’t wait to see you all at il Molino pizzerias.

The offer is valid til 31.03.2018