Summer menu at il Molino

We are happy to announce a marathon of tasty summer meals

We, at Il Molino, are happy to announce a marathon of tasty summer meals! Never before has il Molino’s summer menu been so rich on traditional Italian recipes. We can’t wait to treat you to gazpacho – a tomato soup with capers and olives (served cold), crusty bruschetta with avocado and slices of lightly salted salmon, to delicate prawn salad, and, of course, to Parma ham and pear salad. You should also try our spiced baked mackerel and homemade pasta with pesto and capers. Or you might perhaps fancy our new variety of wholewheat pizzas, which have every chance to become your star dishes. And we know for sure you won’t be able to refuse the dessert – a soft chocolate cake, served with popcorn coated with caramel, ptashyne moloko* with lavender meringue, and a one-of-a-kind assortment of sorbets. So let us help you explore the world of gastronomic delights, we know all about!

Come and visit us to get a real taste of La Dolce Vita!


* a light sponge cake filled with soufflé and topped with chocolate glaze or a chocolate-glazed soufflé