Summer Wine Tasting

Please join us at il Molino for a Portuguese wine tasting that will run to July 31st inclusive.

Made from grapes exposed to ample sunshine, the wines on offer are often labeled as a true epitome of playful lightness and ocean breeze aroma.

We suggest, according to mood, a choice between a fresh Gazela Vinho Verde and a rose-colored Gazela Rose.

Gazela Vinho Verde, with hints of tropical and citrus fruits, is a gorgeous white that will appeal to everyone; this pleasant wine can be served chilled as an aperitif or with vegetable dishes or fruit platters.

Lightly sparkling and alive, Gazela Rose is a fresh wine whose rich raspberry color unfolds aromas of red berries, and one that boasts a gentle fresh aftertaste.

Each of these two Gazela wines comes at 43 UAH a glass and 275 UAH a bottle.

Hurry and get a taste of Portugal at il Molino wine tasting before the month of July is over.