The sparkling wine festival December’16

01.12.16 – 31.12.16

Welcome to il Molino for the sparkling wine festival! Chiarli winery is a family business, founded in 1860, the leading Lambrusco producer, which has become the hallmark of Italy. And now the famous wines of the Chiarli family are here, at il Molino! And each of them will perfectly pair with the taste of your meal.

Chiarli Malvasia Volta degli Angeli - golden sparkling wine: fresh, light and juicy fruity! It is perfect for desserts and pastries, chocolate and spicy cheese.

Chiarli Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro - sweet and rich burgundy wine with a light pink foam, has a pleasant fruity and juicy taste. It is the best to combine with pasta, meat dishes, salads and puddings.

It’s easy being a foodie with il Molino!