What kind of pizza to choose?

Welcome! It's time to order a delicious pizza straight from the wood oven. Which one do you choose?

Pepperoni Pizza

Savory and hearty, this basic pizza is known and loved by many generations of our guests.

Pizza Margherita

Pizza classic is loved by vegetarians and those who appreciate minimalism.

Pizza Pancetta

Pizza which will remind you of cozy home evenings.

Pizza Basilicata

Aromatic and light, this pizza is suitable for breakfast, the same as for lunch or dinner.

Pizza Bavaria

This pizza has the deserved love of our guests, going well with a mug of cool beer.

Pizza Giugliano

Tasty and light enough this pizza will please you with a dietary chicken.

Pizza Toscana

Vegetarians of all countries are crazy about this cheese and mushroom beauty.

Pizza Pollo Con Formaggio

Chicken meat, herbs and cheese - this is a taste of the real Italy!

Pizza Frutti di Mare

This marine cocktail is a connoisseur's delight.

Pizza Bergamo

Ham, gorgonzola and figs - if you want to try something new!

Pizza Melanzana

Marinara sauce, eggplant and cheese - it's just a feast for vegetarians.

Pizza Caprese

Well known and loved by everybody, it will not let to forget about itself at the moment of making an order.

Pizza Quattro Formaggi

Cheesy Pizza for lovers of stylish taste.

Pizza Mascherare

Meat and hearty pizza with spicy herbs to taste.

Pizza Boscaiola

For fun and tasty pizzas at the evening, this one fits perfectly.

Pizza Diavola

When your appetite is truly diabolical, there's nothing better than this fire pizza.

Pizza Capricciosa

This pizza has everything and more for fine dining.

Pizza Calzone al Forno

Pizza which proudly hides his outstanding filling inside.

Pizza Emilia-Romagna

The true Italian, this pizza will delight with a classic combination of ham and cheese.

Pizza Di Pollo

Smoked chicken and cream - an unusual duet for a pizza!

Pizza Il Macceliano

The more meat the better!

Pizza La Ciccina

This pizza with bacon and onions is simple but not less tasty.

Pizza Calzone

Closed pizza hides inside deli meats, mushrooms and cheese. Just shh!

Pizza Neapolitana

Classics never gets boring ... After all, all the time someone eats it!

Pizza La Campania

For the full house of cheerful voices and well-fed stories!

Pizza Salmone

Gourmets will appreciate the delicate salmon and caviar which are the highlight of this pizza.

Pizza Americana

Wide American soul requires sausages and potatoes! Bon Appetit!