Winter Menu at il Molino

We at il Molino are greeting winter with a new seasonal menu and invite you to taste the Chef’s speciality, Antipasti Novello – a medley of bell peppers stuffed with feta and air-dried tomatoes, served with garden rocket, Parma ham, and slices of focaccia with Parmesan cheese. This dish, which comes with three types of sauces, offers a great mixture of tastes and textures, and is a sheer delight to eat. And if you are into creative mixes of flavors and textures, you will certainly enjoy the fried beef and pumpkin salad, and tomato soup with shrimps and mussels. Lovers of Italian pasta can treat themselves to tomato tagliatelle with pork meatballs, and pasta di Pesto with capers and pieces of chicken breast. And those partial to pizza can delight their taste buds with Sirena, topped with shrimps and zucchini, and Pizza di Vitello with beef, pickled bell pepper and red onion. Also, don’t say no to salmon ravioli under a Parmesan cream sauce. And save room for dessert, too. A tender cheesecake with raspberry sauce, and traditional Tuscan almond and hazelnut biscuits will certainly delight even the most experienced diners.


So let’s celebrate the festive season together at il Molino. We look forward to seeing you and your loved ones.