Let’s help kids diagnosed with cancer enjoy the upcoming Christmas festivities

Il Molino is happy to announce its ongoing cooperation with a charity called “Dacha” – the only medical institution in Ukraine, where children from all over the country, diagnosed with cancer, receive treatment in the company of their families. Owing to the fact that a child diagnosed with cancer is close to his mother and father, they get a better chance at recovery. A place like Dacha doesn’t look like a regular hospital in the slightest, and those who reside in the center can truly busk in the warmth of their beloved. Here, in a cozy home atmosphere, supported by their parents, children gain back their health.

Il Molino, a family of Italian restaurants, couldn’t have missed an opportunity to help these kids come back to life: from December 18 to December 24-th we’ll be transferring 10 UAH from every pizza ordered from our winter menu at delivery service to the Dacha residents so that they too can enjoy New Year celebrations and save money for the next year’s Christmas season